Warner School of Education Course Offerings

The Warner School offers a wide array of courses in education and human development. For organizational purposes, most courses have been listed according to the department providing the offering (i.e., Teaching & Curriculum; Counseling & Human Development; and Educational Leadership), except for School-wide courses of general interest. School-wide courses include research methods and evaluation courses, foundational courses in the history and philosophy of education, and topical courses of interest across the professional and scholarly areas. Students are encouraged to consider their options throughout the School, within the constraints of their programs of study.

Nonmatriculated students are encouraged to consult with a faculty advisor or the Office of Admissions when selecting courses if they anticipate eventually applying for retroactive credit toward a degree.

Courses are 3 credits unless otherwise specified. Possible instructors are listed for each course, but they are subject to change. The Warner School reserves the right to cancel courses due to low enrollments and/or staffing changes and/or to modify course descriptions and content.

University of Rochester ­ Credit Hour Policy
The Warner School of Education complies with the University's credit hour policy.

Course Descriptions
To view complete course lists and descriptions, see the links below. We also encourage you to use the robust search function as an alternative, and to search by specific content or faculty.

Master List
School-Wide Courses
Counseling & Human Development Courses
Educational Leadership Courses
Teaching & Curriculum Courses